House Of Cards By Sudha Murthy.


When the foundation of trust cracks,

can a marriage be the same? 

house of cards by sudha murthy.


HOUSE OF CARDS  is the story of Mridula how Beautifully She played the role of a Daughter, Wife, Sister, and Mother. Mridula was a village girl who grew up in a small village named Aladahalli which is located in north Karnataka with a population of five to eight thousand.

She was the perfect example of “BEAUTY WITH BRAIN”. The girl to whom value matters more than materialistic things. The girl who is ‘Amma’s world and Appa’s princess’. As a professional, she was a great teacher and every student admired her.

The Mridula family has four members: Her Father(Bheemanna), Mother(Rukmini), and Elder brother(Krishna). She comes from rich family background and owns a lot of fertile lands.

Her house was very old and large with a beautiful green backyard filled with a variety of plants and vegetables and Mridula loves to take care of the garden.

One day Mridula was attending her friend’s wedding and there she bumped into the love of her life Sanjay as Sanjay was also there to attend his childhood buddy’s wedding and by love, at first sight, Sanjay fell for Mridula’s beauty. At the first meeting, they got into some misunderstanding.

As Sanjay was Dr.Jog’s assistant and Dr.Jog’s aunt (Champa Bai) was Mridula’s neighbor so another day they got a chance to meet each other.

As Sanjay fell in love with Mridula when he returned to his daily routine work at Mumbai he always has thoughts of Mridula in his mind but deep down he knows that he will never get a chance to meet Mridula again. 


A Miracle Happened!!


One day Mridula’s school arranged a trip to Maharashtra darshan as all teachers were excited and same with Mridula as she got a chance to travel alone without family for the first time and at the same evening Champa bai got to know that Mridula also visiting Bombay so she told her to visit her son i.e., Dr.Jog.

At the time of the trip, Mridula got through some illness so she contacted Dr.Jog and as Dr.Jog was always busy with him he asked Sanjay to visit Mridula and take care of her. And in those 10 days, Sanjay took her complete care and also helps her to explore the beautiful sites of Bombay at that time she got to know that Sanjay have some handicapped issues with his hand and surprisingly she acted normal for the first time Sanjay meet with the person who reacted normal about his health issues and that moment Sanjay was ecstatic throughout this 10 days time Mridula was impressed by Sanjay and she started having feelings for him too.

After 10 days when the days has come when Mridula was living in Bombay. Sanjay decided to express his feelings to Mridula by writing a small letter and he made his mind whatever will be the answer I will accept.

When Mridula read the letter she was happy and after some time she got some courage to tell her parents about Sanjay. As a Father, Bheemanna was happy about Mridula but at the same time Rukmini, Mridula’s Mother, was worried as Bheemanna and Rukmini have different perspectives about marriage.

With the consent of both the family members, Mridula and Sanjay happily got married and in the initial time they faced some financial crises but they both were able to manage their financial crises. At the time being, they were both blessed with a baby boy named Sishir.

As Mridula was a government school teacher that helped Sanjay a lot as Sanjay also worked in the government hospital and that time he faced so many difficulties like corrupt colleagues, and many other unfair practices so he decided to own a hospital in partnership with his friend Alex.

As Alex managed all administrative work and Sanjay managed all the patients, their coordination was so good that at some time the hospital became Bangalore’s Number One Maternity Hospital. And after some time Sanjay owns a lavish house, cars, and all the luxurious and latest version items in the house.

Time being Sanjay and Mridula started having differences in their way of thinking and as Sanjay faced many difficulties throughout his life he always thought practically vice versa Mridula was a very emotional person and she always believes in truthfulness and that leads Mridula to leave Sanjay home and back to her village Aladahalli for the sake of peace as Sanjay lied to her and started taking her and her opinions for granted that got her through depression.

Sometime later Sanjay and Sishir got the reality check.


Burning ambitions, the enthusiasm to succeed and become super-rich and powerful in the world is the desire of especially the young generation. But will this all describe happiness and peace in the future? Don’t know? It’s time you bought for yourself the House of Cards By Sudha Murty and gain insights into these important yet crucial matters of life.

This book gives a reality check to the young generation for always judging someone’s worth by knowing their materialistic status and not with the inner self. 

Sudha Murthy| House of cards

About the Author:

Sudha Murty was born in 1950 in Shiggaon in north Karnataka. She did her M.Tech in computer science and is now the chairperson of the Infosys Foundation. A prolific writer in English and Kannada, she has written novels, technical books, travelogues, collections of short stories and nonfiction pieces, and four books for children.

Her books have been translated into all major Indian languages. She was the recipient of the R.K. Narayan Award for Literature and the Padma Shri in 2006, and the Attimabbe Award from the government of Karnataka for excellence in Kannada literature in 2011.

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