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Dollar Bahu- Sudha Murthy – Book Review.

Dollar Bahu - reviews of sudha murthy books


The book Dollar Bahu is the best book Sudha Murthy from the novel collection.

Dollar Bahu gives the reality about how money changes the perspective of our own family members about each other and how money tears a family apart. The story is of Vintu marrying Girish, a bank clerk, and she starts living with her husband’s family with her father-in-law, mother-in-law, Gouramma. Gouramma always used to taunt Vintu.

One day Girish’s elder brother Chandru, who is in the USA decided to get married to Jamuna. After that Gouramma started having comparisons between Vintu and Jamuna as Jamuna comes from a rich family with a single child and Vintu is from a middle-class Indian Family so there is always a comparison of Dollar Bahu and Rupee Bahu.

Once Gouramma decides to visit her Son Chandru and daughter-in-law Jamuna (Dollar Bahu) while spending some time with them Gouramma begins to understand that mere dollars cannot buy the love and respect that she gets as her due back in India.

Does Gouramma’s point of view change towards Vintu? Does Vintu forgive her mother-in-law?.

Gently Falls The Bakula – Sudha Murthy – Book Review.

Gently Falls the Bakula- reviews of sudha murthy books.


Gently Falls the Bakula is all about that while aiming for a successful career there’s the negligence for the happy marriage. This is the story about the small town named Hubli, couple Shrikant and Shrimati both were the neighbors. Shrikant is so fond of his neighbor Shrimati, who always does better than him in the school exams.

Shrimati fell in love with handsome Shrikant and they two got married. Shrikant joined an IT company and started working restlessly for his career. On the other side, Shrimati abandons her academic aspirations and gets busy becoming the perfect wife of a corporate leader.

But one day, while talking to an old professor, she started realizing what she has done with her career as she was good at academics and her professor made her realize the fact.

Gently Falls the Bakula is the story of a marriage that loses its way as they focus on their respective ambitions and self-interest.

Read the book to know more.


Mahashweta – Sudha Murthy – Book Review.

mahashweta - reviews of sudha murthy books


The story of Mahashweta revolves around a girl named Anupama, who is extremely beautiful. As she was good at acting and studies, she organized various plays for charitable purposes. During one of her plays, she meets with a renowned and handsome man Dr.Anand, seeing her beauty he sends a marriage proposal.

As Anupama’s stepmother, wants to get rid of Anupama she accepts the proposal Anupama comes from a middle-class background family who could not afford the expenses of the wedding. So Dr. Anand and his mother Raddakka agree to bear the whole marriage expenses.

Further, Anand goes to England for higher studies and Anupama stays with her in-laws. Everything was going fine until one day she finds that she has a white patch which is a disease called leucoderma. After knowing about her having disease her mother-in-law threw her out of the house. She finds no single support from her maternal house. The saddest part is that in spite of knowing the situation of Anupama, Anand never contacted her.

Fed up from the villagers’ taunt Anupama moves to Mumbai to build her career. At Anand comes to her but does she accept him? Read the book to know more

This novel deals with the social stigma of leucoderma, a man who marries a girl just by seeing her outer beauty and not knowing the fact how that inner beauty also matters.

This book is one of the finest works of Mrs. Sudha Murthy. Highly Recommend reading to all the bookworms.


House of Cards – Sudha Murthy – Book Review.

house of cards - reviews of sudha murthy books

House of Cards is the story of Mridula, a simple village girl living in a small village of Karnataka with her beloved parents. A chance meeting with Sanjay who is a doctor by profession made her a turning point in life as they both fell in love with each other and got married and settled down in Bangalore. The more Mridula sees the world, the more she realizes how selfish and materialistic people are. But she doesn’t care about anyone and lives her own happy world with positivity.

Problems started arriving when Sanjay quit his government job and started the private clinic and that got him so busy in his career that he forgot his values and the difference between good and bad practices. 

For a long time, Mridula has no idea about Sanjay’s corrupt practices. When the truth hits her, she has no option but to walk out from Sanjay’s life, but can she really find a space of her own?  

Will Mridula forgive Sanjay? Read the novel to know more.


About The Author.

Sudha Murthy - Reviews of sudha murthy books

Sudha Murty was born in 1950 in Shiggaon in north Karnataka. She did her M.Tech in computer science and is now the chairperson of the Infosys Foundation. A prolific writer in English and Kannada, she has written novels, technical books, travelogues, collections of short stories and nonfiction pieces, and four books for children.

Her books have been translated into all major Indian languages. She was the recipient of the R.K. Narayan Award for Literature and the Padma Shri in 2006, and the Attimabbe Award from the government of Karnataka for excellence in Kannada literature in 2011.


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